Science vs. God


The reason science is unable to prove God exists is due to science being unable to define God.


Scientific proof and thinking relies on 3 principles:



1. Empiricism: The Use of Empirical Evidence

Empirical evidence is evidence that one can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell


2. Rationalism: The Practice of Logical Reasoning

Scientists and critical thinkers always use logical reasoning


3. Skepticism: Possessing a Skeptical Attitude

The constant questioning of your beliefs and conclusions




The most important scientific quality is #2, Rationalism.

Rationalism provides 'How to think', not 'what to think'.



Empiricism is meaningless without rationalism.

No matter how much data is collected it's meaningless without rational interpretation.


Skepticism is an attitude many, including scientist, do not possess.


Skepticism is meaningless without rationalism.

No matter how much something is questioned it's meaningless without rational questions.



On an infinite timeline forwards and backwards anything and everything is possible. For example, unicorns, leprechaun, dinosaurs, God, etc.


What science says about God:

    -  God is unknown yet

    -  God is not a book

    -  God is not a church, mosque, etc.

    -  God is undefinable, so far 


Science is ever changing because our environment is ever changing. Science only gets close to Truth. Science never truly claims anything with 100% certainty because that doesn't leave room for new data and discoveries. Science is not perfect because we are not perfect.

Science claims, that 'believing God does not exist' is illogical.

Science claims, that 'believing God is unknown yet' is logical.

Science claims, that 'believing God exists' is logical.


Scientifically, 'believing God does not exist' is illogical because scientifically God has yet to be defined. Basically, any evidence of 'God not existing' was not true evidence of God's existence in the first place. So to conclude that 'God does not exist' based on evidence irrelevant to God's existence would be illogical.


Scientifically, 'believing God is unknown yet' is logical because scientifically God has yet to be defined. Which leads science in the direction to search for the definition of God. (The one who seeks God)


Scientifically, 'believing God exists' is logical because science believes 'God is unknown yet', implying God will be known eventually. 


On a directional scale, science is at a point of searching and only points in one direction. That direction only leads towards proving God’s existence.


With all this said we can conclude:

Atheism is illogical and unscientific

Agnosticism is logical and scientific


Science is God, and God is science.

Just like we cannot prove science wrong, we cannot prove God wrong. We can only prove men wrong, being men of science or men of God. Someone might even go as far to say, just as science exist, so does God.